Who We Are:

We are an old school neighborhood repair shop for people who are tired of oil changes here, brake work there and dealer repairs that require a second mortgage to pick up your car.

We're reminiscent of the shops of yesterday who knew their cars.

A shop the will take care of your car. Where customers and what they have to say are respected.

A place where your questions are answered and your repairs are explained.

Where you will never be talked down to or made to feel you are stupid.

It this makes sense "Just Call Bob"

A Proud Member of:

Classic Car & Motorcycle Restorations - Just Call Bob Auto Repair Lakeland Fl



  • Colors: Mars Orange & Hammer Grey

1980 MG

Restorations in Progress

When we acquired this car we found there was a hole is the side of the block so we are currently in the process of rebuilding the engine.
  • Original Color: White


Restorations Pending

  • Original Color: Black

Triumph Spitfire


1962 MG

Restorations Pending

  • Original Color:...Black

MG - Donor Car

Due to Sever Rust & Body Damage at this point this car is a Donor Car.

  • Original Color: White